Article by Lauren Ninoshvili

Article by Lauren NinoshviliFantasy, play and experimentation meet a profound demonstration of traditional forms of knowledge in the paintings of Georgian artist-iconographer Lasha Kintsurashvili – one of the small Caucasus republic’s ,most sought-after masters. Fresh interpretations of classic subjects and striking juxtapositions of color, texture and shape characterize Kintsurashvili’s matchless style. The artist’s preferred medium is egg tempera, though he also paints with oil. His works are full of color, texture, motion, striking surfaces and hidden depth. They are upfront and bold, yet full of subtlety.

Article by Niko Chocheli

Article by Niko ChocheliTo describe the work of such an incredibly talented and prolific iconographer as Lasha Kintsurashvili would require many pages. I cannot do so accurately here with my few comments. The Holy Scriptures tell us to "Come and See" and indeed we find images of Christ and his holy mother and the saints when we enter the sacred space of an orthodox church.